Friday, September 4, 2015

FREE PIZZA!! How I'm Utilizing Pizza Hut's Book It! Program This Year

There's still time to sign up for this year's Book It! Program, where your children can get rewarded for their reading with a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. And YES, homeschoolers can participate as well as classroom students.  I've been using it for years with my children.

The program leaves it up to teachers and homeschooling parents to come up with an individualized reading plan for their students. My youngest doesn't need any incentive to read, but I want to direct her reading somewhat, so I wanted to come up with a good plan for her to earn her pizza that would encourage her to stretch herself a little bit. I also wanted to have some sort of fun visual for her to keep track of her reading and how close she was to getting her free pizza.

We're doing American history this school year, and I happen to have a large number of books in our home library that coordinate really well with our curriculum that aren't in the Sonlight schedule. To encourage her to read these, I came up with this plan.

First of all, I picked one of the free printable reading logs available at the Book It! website. I chose the one for keeping track of the number of pages read. Then I found a blank printable pizza image.  I chose one without "slices" and printed several out onto cardstock.

There were also free printable pizza toppings which I printed out onto regular paper.

Rather than having to spend a crazy amount of time cutting out all those pieces, I used my circle punch, very similar to this one. Made the job a whole lot easier!

For every 100 pages she reads, my daughter gets to glue a topping of her choice on the pizza. I decided that 1000 pages would be a good goal for her to earn her pizza. I told her that if she reads more pages than that in a month, then she can earn a treat someplace else, such as a milkshake from Sonic.

Have you used the Book It! program? How have you individualized it for your children? Have you used other reading incentive programs?

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