Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Using a Reading Log as Penmanship

As I'm packing for our move, I'm finding things that are bringing back memories. Something I found today on a shelf was my oldest daughter's Reading Log from 2nd grade. She's 25 years old now and living on her own in another city, so that gives you an idea as to how old it is.

Once I was confident in her printing ability, I decided there wasn't really a need to have a formal handwriting program for her, but I did want her to work on neatness. So I came up with the idea of having her use a composition book as a Reading Log. I asked her to write the title and author of the book, and then draw a picture depicting a scene or character(s) from the book.

All these years later, it's so much fun to go back through this and see what she read, as well as her progress in writing and drawing. It's quite the keepsake, actually!

This was also her horse-crazy period, so as I page through her notebook, I see a LOT of horse books. I have often quipped about how this was God's joke on me. You see, back when I was in the 3rd and 4th grade, a classmate of mine, Barbara, used to always read horse books...and pretty much only horse books. And because she did this, I pretty much refused to read horse books. Then God gave me a horse-crazy daughter who read every horse book she could get her hands on, memorized breeds and horse facts and more.  Yeah, the joke was on me!

Sometimes we as homeschooling parents feel like we need to have a workbook or textbook for everything. But it's OK sometimes to forego them! Or at least as they progress through elementary school, if you are happy with the quality of their work in a subject such as handwriting, it's OK to just do something non-formal as a way of honing up those skills.

This time of year, you can get a composition book for less than a dollar at all the back to school sales. The ways you can use them in homeschooling are endless. And because the pages are stitched together, the book can indeed become something precious you go back to look at years from now.

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