Monday, August 3, 2015

Parent-Teacher Store finds

Today found me finally getting to explore the local Teachers' supply store. In my area we have  Parent-Teacher Store. It's in an area of our nearby city I hadn't ventured into before, and I was excited to finally see what was available there that I couldn't easily find online. I wasn't disappointed.

This was primarily a scouting trip, as I pretty much have all I need for this school year. But I wanted to see what was available to buy locally, as sometimes that's quicker and more convenient (and even cheaper!) than purchasing online.

As a homeschooler, one thing I've discovered is often QUITE expensive to purchase online is classroom posters. Now, I don't have a lot of extra wall space or an in-home classroom (we mostly "school" on the living room couch), so I don't utilize many posters, but over the years I've liked using a few.

Since we'll be covering US History over the next two years, I've been wanting to try out this idea I found on Pinterest: Get two copies of a US map. On one, place Velcro circles on each state (or region for smaller spaces). The other map is cut up, with the Velcro placed on the back. The child can then match the cut out pieces to the whole map. I may use it in conjunction with a free printable game I found on Teacher's Pay Teachers by Kathryn Garcia.

Map posters online I've found to be expensive, and difficult to find with free shipping. I was pleased to find some at the Parent-Teacher Store for only $2.49 each, similar to the one you'll see in the photo on Pinterest. If you use this idea, you'll want a poster without lots of added detail, with only the states (and possibly capitals) labeled much as this one is.

I was also pleased to find this wipe-off map of the state of Kentucky.  Here it is at Amazon so you can look for your own state by entering a search for "Write-On/Wipe-Off State Map (your state name)", but I must say, I paid less than 1/3 of that in the local store. So if you have a Teachers' store in your area, you're likely much better off purchasing one from there.

I can think of many ways I'll use this for my daughter to learn Kentucky geography! On the back side of this poster, you'll find a smaller map with 8 different activities for students to complete.

I do try to give my children a few fun things amongst their school supplies. Even on a tight budget, I try to allow a couple small indulgences. To fulfill this, I was pleased to find some fun pencils for my 3rd grader: two "Third Graders Are #1", one with the books of the Bible on it, and one with information about the state of Kentucky:

Do you have a local Teacher supply store? What are some fun things you've found there that you can't get online, or are just less expensive there?

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