Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NOT Back to School!

Public schools in our community had their first day today. (We're not starting up homeschooling until September 1st).

Originally, before I found out we're having to move, I had planned to host a party today. A "NOT Back to School Party" with a few other homeschool families I'm connected with. But due to our impending move, I felt I needed to, unfortunately, cancel it.

But I wasn't going to let the party's cancellation mean I didn't do something fun with my homeschooled daughter. So I took her to McDonald's for lunch to get a Happy Meal...a rare treat. She got to eat her lunch there and play in the Play Place.  And while she played, I discovered there was another homeschooling mom there with her kindergartener. She herself had been homeschooled growing up, as had her husband. And now they're beginning the journey with their own children!

I encourage you to have fun with your kids on the first day of public school in your area if it hasn't already happened where you are. Even if you generally start the same day as they do, why not have your first day be something fun?  Celebrate your freedom by going outside, go to a park, go to a movie, or eat out. Even in a public school classroom, the first day is often not a very academic one...filled with learning new procedures and meeting new people.

If I'd not cancelled the party, I'll describe what was planned. We did the same thing last school year, and it was a lot of fun!  We had what was called a "Sandwich Potluck".

Each family brings the following to share:
-- one sandwich per attendee, (1/2 sandwich for each under age 5)
-- one side, or bag of chips, or dessert
-- one bottle of pop or juice
The sandwiches get cut into quarters (half sandwiches in half) so that everyone can have small portions to choose from potluck-style.

Be sure to label your sandwiches as to what's in them. Keep in mind the following as possible helpful information:
-- any peanuts or other nuts in the bread or contents?
-- gluten free

Encourage people to bring outdoor games to play as well as chairs and blankets for sitting on. This can be hosted at someone's home, or at an area park.

As I've said before, remember as you start your new school year, RELAX. Have fun on your first day!

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