Friday, August 21, 2015

Defying Definition

Great article from Time Magazine! (And SONLIGHT CURRICULUM which I use--and have used--for all but my first couple years of homeschooling, is mentioned!)

Why More Urban Parents Are Choosing Homeschooling

Hmmm...let's see...not sure what "sort" of homeschooler I am. Hard to pin me down:

  1. We've been urban (Boston area), rural (central Illinois), semi-rural (west-central Pennsylvania), fringe-rural (central Kentucky) and I suppose the Tidewater area of Virginia might be considered suburban.
  2. I'm conservative-ish but registered Independent, social-justice minded, seek to be globally--rather than Americentric--minded in my perspective on world events and circumstances.
  3. I work a part time job.
  4. I have a daughter with BLUE hair.
  5. My husband has long hair and an earring (and attends a conservative seminary).
  6. I've homeschooled one all the way through high school but also sent two of our kids to public high school after homeschooling them because it was the right thing for them...and it's gone very well for both.
  7. Still homeschooling after over 20 years, with hopefully quite a few more in the future! 

From the article:

"Neither dropouts nor go-with-the-flow conformists, the new urban homeschoolers defy easy labeling. They don’t like what they see in the public schools, but they don’t necessarily want to tear them down. They want control, but mostly in the service of flexibility. They tend to reject newfangled educational theories, but they aren’t such traditionalists that they can’t see the educational value of Skype. They are religious—some of them—but their faith compels them to engage with their neighbors, not withdraw into isolation. Above all, they want a better education than their children can typically get sitting in a traditional classroom for six hours every day. Most homeschooling parents sound satisfied with their choice."

As a mom, with my children spread out over 17 years (oldest is 25, youngest 8), I've found that I'm able to relate with moms in their 20s and moms in their 60s . So also as a homeschooler, because of my varied ways, I'm more easily able to relate to a wide variety of homeschoolers.  I love that I'm hard to define!

How would you define yourself as a homeschooler?


Anonymous said...

Would you do a post of your graduated children? How they are doing in life etc.

Brenda said...

Yes, I have that in my plans. Thanks for asking!

Alanna B said...

I am hard to define...but I will try my best!

I am a semi-"crunchy", Christ-loving (while doing my best to be an example!), non-political (I do not identify with any party/political group), freedom loving, and lean towards pacifism. My goal with homeschooling is to foster an environment in which my children become critical thinkers, love ALL of God's children (if they remember anything from the Bible, I want them to remember and practice the greatest commandment), and develop their personal strengths/talents.

I am sure that I am missing something :-)