Monday, August 20, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum

I'll be homeschooling my two youngest daughters this school year with Sonlight Curriculum. When my oldest daughter, now an adult, was in the first grade in 1996, I attempted to "do Sonlight" by just using the same books they had listed in their catalog and making up my own schedule. I found that to be rather overwhelming, so beginning with her 2nd grade year back in 1997 I purchased their Instructor's Guide and have since then done every one of the Sonlight cores...some more than once!

This year I have a 7th grader and a kindergartener.  I'll be using Core H with my 12 year old daughter, my 3rd time to use this core. It will also be my 3rd time to use Core A, which my youngest daughter, 5, will be doing. She is an advanced reader, already confidently reading at about a 3rd grade level, so that is reflected in the materials I'll be using with her.

So here's a list sharing some of what each girl will be using this year:

7th Grade:
This could end up getting tweaked here and there as the year progresses, but this is our starting point! School starts in just two weeks! We will have our first day on the day after Labor Day.

After a long hiatus...a slight shift in focus

Life happens, and sometimes things have to get set aside if they aren't as important as other things in your life, and this blog was one of those things. But now, life has settled down again and in just two weeks our homeschool year will begin again.

This year I'll have a 7th grader and a kindergartener. And while when I started this blog, it was focusing on my youngest daughter learning to read, I think I will shift the focus just a little bit to include both of my girls that are still homeschooling (my two oldest have both graduated from high school--one homeschooled all the way through, the other graduated this year from a public VoTech high school after homeschooling through the 9th grade).

I've been busy this summer getting ready by first joining Pinterest, and then building a multitude of boards, most of which are centered around homeschooling, plus some specific to the curriculum I am using--and have used since 1997--Sonlight Curriculum. Be sure to check out my boards and follow the ones that would be helpful to you in your homeschool!  You can find me at

I can hardly believe the start of our new school year is just two weeks away! We start the day after Labor Day. 

PS I should provide an update to my previous posts about my youngest daughter. I continued to work with her very casually, using Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. Not daily, not even weekly...but as we had some time and as she was interested.  Things really clicked with her earlier this year and by spring, she was reading fluently! Now I can't keep her in enough books! The last I checked, based on the books she's reading, she went from sounding out CVC words in the winter, to now confidently reading "with expression" books written at about a 3rd grade level.  I have to say, I'm delighted, given her rough start in life as a micro-preeemie. My oldest daughter, now an adult, was also a precocious reader and that was the reason our homeschooling journey started way back in 1994! While my two other children are also good readers, my youngest is the only one to match her oldest sister in reading at such an advanced level before even starting kindergarten. It sure makes the prospect of kindergarten easier by not having to think about teaching her to read. Now she can read to learn.

But she's still very much a 5 year old, and so my plan is to broaden her learning experiences as much as possible, rather than accelerating them. So whether you have an advanced reader like me, or a non-reader, or somewhere in-between, hopefully you'll find inspiration from reading about her kindergarten adventures.