Monday, February 28, 2011

Two videos: Phonics Song & Short Vowels Song

I haven't been able to post in a while.  My daughter had her birthday (she is FOUR now!), my husband and I had our wedding anniversary..and other family things kept me from updating on my daughter's progress.  She learned the Phonics Song and the Short Vowels song well enough for me to video tape her. She's been known to belt these out from the seat of the shopping cart at the grocery store.  One thing about teaching to read at this age is that preschoolers thrive on repetition, something really essential to getting the basics of reading down.

Here is my daughter singing the Phonics Song:

And here she is singing the Short Vowel Song:

Since my older set didn't have short vowel cards any more, I made my own by picking a basic font in Word and making it large enough to fill a page in landscape format.  I then printed them on colored card stock, a different color for each letter. I couldn't find a font that printed a basic handwritten-style lower case "a", so I typed the letter "o" and then used a black Sharpie to add the line.  It's good to introduce both styles of "a" right from the start, since the "fancier" version is what the child will see in most books.

Now we're working on her learning the Ferris Wheel, where she is putting consonant sounds in front of short vowels.

Here she is proudly standing in front of the race track, showing the progress her race car is making:

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