Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning the Alphabet Sounds Song

Here is my preschooler learning the sounds of the alphabet by singing along to the video of a classroom demonstration.  We do also have the song on a cassette tape, but my daughter is especially thrilled to hear and see it on video.  I scan briefly to the video on our TV.  The video is quite old and a bit shaky, but it's fun for us to watch as we actually know one of the little girls who is prominently featured in many of the demonstrations.  Only she isn't a little girl any more!  She's a mom with children of her own!

My daughter isn't singing very loud in this recording, so I don't know how well you can hear her.  Once she has the song completely memorized I will post a video of her singing it without any accompaniment.

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Anonymous said...

Love it, Brenda!! Oh, I miss those days of homeschooling when the boys were just learning to read. It was truly my favorite season! Leandra is such a cutie. How fun to watch her begin this wondrous journey. :)

Linda in MN
from the SL board